SPELL: hear this spell and gather 'round

hear this spell and gather 'round
bring your toads, crows, bats and cats
an age was lost, a new one found
to raise in arms and pointy hats

sorghum, flax, and my old loom
clothe in magic a secret room
kept inside my body gloom
tonight escapes atop a broom

to plot rebellion and free us all
i summon my friend the automaton
enslaved by capital after our fall
sing its release oh necronomicon

darkest storms of thunder fierce
relieve the night of its ennui
with mighty wrath the heart please pierce
of those we call la bourgeoisie

Speculative invocation among witches and landless proletariats.
Corresponding Weave pattern and small world plant networks possibly emerging now.
Consider using weave pattern as noise into Machine Learning image recognition algorithms.